"Buna" is the Amharic word for Coffee. A traditional coffee ceremony in Ethiopia is comprised of 3 rounds of shared coffee. The rounds are referred to as Abol, Tona, & Bereka.

Notice the Jibena on the far left over the fire. The Jibena is the Ethiopian way to brew coffee. After washing dried coffee beans, the beans are roasted over the fire, pounded into a powder, and added to the hot water in the Jibena.


Where is the gela wild coffee forest?


The best way to get to the Gela Wild Coffee Forest in Bonga, Kafa region of Ethiopia is to contact Tadele Travel  to arrange a car and coffee forest guide. In order to trek through the mountainous wild coffee forest, you must hire a local guide.

Melku, the guide showcased in the film as he and Brooke walk through the coffee canopy, is a close friend and extremely knowledgable in the biodiversity of Kafa. Contact Tadele Travel about The Connected Cup travel itinerary. 


The Legend of the Discovery of Coffee.

An old wives' tale for all of you coffee lovers out there.  

In the rolling mountains of Ethiopia a farmer was herding his goats out into the fields during the early morning. He noticed a number of goats heading towards a plant with bright green leaves and a mix of red and green berries on it. He watched as the goats chewed on the leaves.

Later on in the day he observed the goats who had eaten from that plant in the morning were energized late into the afternoon. The next morning as the sun began to rise, he noticed the same goats head straight for the same plant as the day before to eat it's leaves. As the day passed, the farmer observed the energy of the goats. Just like the day before, the goats who ate from the plant were far more energized than the other goats in the herd. Day after day the farmer studied his energized goats in fascination. One afternoon, he decided to try the leaves for himself. He collected a handful of leaves on his way home so that he could make a tea out of it in the morning.

The next morning he boiled the leaves in a pot of water and drank the leaves. He too became more energized. He ran to tell the other farmers about the miraculous drink. They began to collect the leaves and drink the tea. Slowly they experimented with the plant, and the process of coffee evolved.  



The celebration showcased in the documentary, Ashendiye, is a LastaLalibelan celebration of the conception of the Virgin Mary that honors women and young girls. It is a truly spectacular event that occurs annually in August. The video below is a deeper look at Ashendiye in the holy city of Lalibela. 


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